Candy Jar, Spices Jar, Kitchen glass Jas with bamboo Cover And Lids

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Color: 8.5x15cm E3

8.5x15cm E3
10x15cm T3
5.5x6cm F1
6.5x10cm S2
10x10cm T1
6.5x20cm S6
10x30cm T5
6.5x8cm S1
8.5x10cm E1
8.5x12cm E2
8.5x20cm E4
5.5x10cm F2
6.5x23cm S7
6.5x28cm S8
10x12cm T2
6.5x15cm S4
5.5x15cm F3
10x20cm T4
6.5x18cm S5
6.5x12cm S3

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Number of Tiers: 4 pieces

4 pieces
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2 pieces

    Bamboo lip

    It is non-toxic and paint-free. It is made of natural bamboo and has good moisture resistance.


    Selling Point 1

    The lip fits the jar tightly, avoid leaks effectively!


    Selling Point 2

    Made of 92% High quality borosilicate glass, The jar is clear and transparent!


    Selling Point 3

    Free of bisphenol A, high temperature resistance


    Selling Point 4

    Use a uniform glass jar to store the seasonings, the kitchen is clean and tidy


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8.5x15cm E3, 10x15cm T3, 5.5x6cm F1, 6.5x10cm S2, 10x10cm T1, 6.5x20cm S6, 10x30cm T5, 6.5x8cm S1, 8.5x10cm E1, 8.5x12cm E2, 8.5x20cm E4, 5.5x10cm F2, 6.5x23cm S7, 6.5x28cm S8, 10x12cm T2, 6.5x15cm S4, 5.5x15cm F3, 10x20cm T4, 6.5x18cm S5, 6.5x12cm S3

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4 pieces, 1 piece, 2 pieces